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We have two new businesses in our community!

Posted: 05/14/2014
Author: Michael Nicoletti

We have two new businesses in our community...

Tarrant County, Leader in Retail Sales Tax

Posted: 02/21/2013
Author: Michael Nicoletti, Everman EDC

Business Improvement Grant

Posted: 07/13/2012
Author: M. Nicoletti

The Economic Development Corporation of Everman would like to notify you of a new and exciting program being offered to all business owners in Everman. In cooperation with the City of Everman City Council, the Business Improvement Grant (BIG), has been established to provide matching grants to businesses in Everman for the improvement of their businesses.

TCEQ installs air monitors in Everman

Posted: 08/31/2011
Author: Aleshia Howe

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has installed a new, 24-hour air monitor in Everman that will allow the community access to near real-time air quality readings.